We Got It Right

For all the times when the world will ask too much of me,
On long nights when I can’t fall asleep,
I will place my head on your chest,
Your heartbeat will be the sweetest lullaby to me.

As I gently write the words “I love you”,
Across the left side of your chest with my finger,
Recalling everything that we made it through,
We can only do right, to let this moment linger.

I’ll walk with you every day,
I’ll hold your hand whenever I may.
I will walk with you through your deepest insecurities,
Together will confront your deepest fears.
Reminding you with every step, that I still care,
That every single day, I’ll be here.

I long to feel your beard against my face,
To run my fingers from your ears down to your neck,
To rest my hand on your chest,
As you wrap me in your arms,
And overwhelm your scent.

Because in this world,
Where everyone is struggling to get this love thing right,
I can’t wait to look at you and say “We found the light”.
We have learnt to trust, we have learnt to love,
We? We got it right!

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