Podcast | Let’s Talk, with Ndapewoshali

The purpose of this podcast is to have uplifting, purpose, and solution-driven conversations. It’s meant to be an extension of my website, Ndapewoshali Writes (www.ndapewoshaliwrites.com), and my Youtube Channel (Ndapewoshali). This is a platform that allows us to interact more intimately. I hope you find the episodes informative and entertaining.

  1. S02E07: Personal Finances | Living Within Your Means
  2. S02E06: BOUNDARIES | Friends – Family – Work
  3. S02E05: Social Media and Your Mental Wealth
  4. S02E04: Two Bible Verses for Anxiety | Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
  5. S02E03 Being Proactive About Your Mental Health | Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
  6. S02E02: The Joys of Motherhood | Overcoming Perinatal Depression | Celebrating Friendship
  7. S02E01 – How To Catch A Scammer | In love & Finance
  8. S01E11 – Does Therapy REALLY Work? | Picking the Right Therapist| A Conversation with a Psychologist
  9. S01E10 Conversation with a Single Mom | Meet Bertha!
  10. S01E09 Why do I talk about love so much? | Lessons I learnt from loved ones lost.

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