Podcast | Let’s Talk, with Ndapewoshali

The purpose of this podcast is to have uplifting, purpose, and solution-driven conversations. It’s meant to be an extension of my website, Ndapewoshali Writes (www.ndapewoshaliwrites.com), and my Youtube Channel (Ndapewoshali). This is a platform that allows us to interact more intimately. I hope you find the episodes informative and entertaining.

S02E05: Social Media and Your Mental Wealth Let's Talk, with Ndapewoshali

Let's have a conversation about social media and its effects on our mental wealth. I'm also trying a new format. Let me know what you think… does it work for you? Please let me know which tips you have for social media. Also, please follow my YouTube channel and my blog http://www.ndapewoshaliwrites.com 
  1. S02E05: Social Media and Your Mental Wealth
  2. S02E04: Two Bible Verses for Anxiety | Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
  3. S02E03 Being Proactive About Your Mental Health | Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
  4. S02E02: The Joys of Motherhood | Overcoming Perinatal Depression | Celebrating Friendship
  5. S02E01 – How To Catch A Scammer | In love & Finance
  6. S01E11 – Does Therapy REALLY Work? | Picking the Right Therapist| A Conversation with a Psychologist
  7. S01E10 Conversation with a Single Mom | Meet Bertha!
  8. S01E09 Why do I talk about love so much? | Lessons I learnt from loved ones lost.
  9. S01E08 – Let’s Talk Personality Disorders | A Conversation with a Medical Doctor
  10. S01E07 – Taking the Leap | Meet Fillemon [Tololi] & Shiwomeho [Shiwa | The Baker]

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