Where To Get Help

My friend, Hermien Elago and I made a list of this for information-sharing purposes. Please share as far and wide as possible, we never know who might need someone to talk to.

Maybe. I Write About Love.

Can a writer write
About the things,
They know nothing about
Have never experienced…
But make it sound like
These things are the things
Which consume them?


My only concern is that in 2019, the European standard of beauty is still considered, not only superior but the norm, in African society and anyone who does not adopt it, is required to justify that choice.

Always Do More

Always do more.   I don’t think I’ve ever regretted trying a little harder, holding on a little longer or caring a little more than I should have.   All my regret lies in not trying hard enough, not holding on long enough and not caring enough.   Always do more.

You Were One of Us

Every time I see a picture of the culprit smiling in the paper, I almost want to shout: “But you are one of us! How could you do this?”

We Got It Right

For all the times when the world will ask too much of me, On long nights when I can’t fall asleep, I will place my head on your chest, Your heartbeat will be the sweetest lullaby to me. As I gently write the words “I love you”, Across the left side of your chest with…

Gambling “Responsibly”

A few months ago, I walked into a gambling house at 11am. I saw a nurse in uniform, a man in a suit and an old lady with a walking stick amongst very many others. These people; different genders, ages and from all walks of life sat in this dark, loud room with flashing lights, feeding money into a machine and losing it all. In the ten minutes that I was in this place, I watched several people walk in and take a seat in front of a machine… no body walked out.