“I Knew Something Wasn’t Right With That One” on 99FM

In Namibia, we live in a society that shuns those afflicted by mental health illness, rather than provide them with the help and support that they need. In our society, the discussion about mental health is a taboo, suicide is rife and emotional and physical violence are the order of the day. I, wholeheartedly, want to change that.


My only concern is that in 2019, the European standard of beauty is still considered, not only superior but the norm, in African society and anyone who does not adopt it, is required to justify that choice.

You Were One of Us

Every time I see a picture of the culprit smiling in the paper, I almost want to shout: “But you are one of us! How could you do this?”

“I’m not my brother’s keeper.” I beg to differ.

We live in an age where we rely on social media to tell us how people are doing. Let’s be honest; we have all sat down with friends and spent the majority of the time on our phones posing for photographs, finding the perfect caption and posting. After that, we monitor how many “likes” the photograph has received, WHO liked it and how quickly they didn’t like it and more often than not, who DIDN’T like it.

It takes a special type of evil.

Recently, I attended a beauty contest. One of the contestants was asked a question about how to curb rape and violence towards women. Her response started with how women should dress more modestly; wear less revealing clothes etc. My blood began to boil.