Somewhere Along The Way


Somewhere along the way,
Someone taught us that love meant pain.
What a vulgar distortion,
One however, we never set straight again.

Someone taught us to hurt ourselves,
Someone taught us to fear our joy.
That the ugliest hearts,
Deserve the greatest praise.

Somewhere along the way,
Someone convinced us,
That to really love someone else,
We have to really hate ourselves.

Somewhere along the way,
Someone taught us to make anger feel right,
That a heart full of resentment,
A day full of disappointment,
Is the only way to show,
That we fought the good fight.

Someone stole our joy,
Someone stole our understanding.
Someone told us that if we fall in love,
There should never be a soft landing.

Ooooh that someone…
That someone who rejoices in misfortune
And thrives on deception.
That someone who spews bitter words,
And hides from their own reflection.

Somewhere along the way,
Someone broke that someone.
And then they broke us..

Yeah, we broke…
And we stayed broken,
Just enough to be,
The someone who breaks another someone.

That someone who teaches someone else,
The things our toxic someone taught us.

Somewhere along the way,
We’ll have to learn that love doesn’t mean pain.
To fix that perception,
To be able to look forward to butterflies again.

Someday, hopefully not so far away,
We’ll remember what love really is,
We’ll remember that love has never hurt.

Love has held us when we were cold,
It has comforted us with sweet promises of,
A better tomorrow when we were weary.
Love has taught us to be bold.

It has nursed our wounds and taught us to heal,
When we have real love,
Nothing, no matter how devastating,
Is “a big deal”.

I hope that someday soon,
You’ll believe that love doesn’t mean pain.
I hope you’ll fix that perception,
And you’ll look forward,
To having a belly full of butterflies again.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Justina says:

    Beautiful poem and so full of truth


    1. Ndapewoshali Writes says:

      Thank you so much ❤


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