7 Life Hacks

There are a few things I’m learning as I get older, that I wish I had known and understood when I was younger, especially with regard to relationships with my fellow humans. I’m sharing these with you in the hope that a few of them help to make your life a little happier.

  1. We’re all ugly to someone. Don’t trip.

Nothing can make you question your worth as much being told or being made to feel like you aren’t valuable, by someone you were vulnerable with. Regardless of the nature of your relationship; be it romantic, friendship, work-related, church or family, rejection is a terrible thing.

With that said, you need to make peace with the fact that you can’t convince someone that you’re good enough. And you have no business trying to. The fact is, you are magic. It just takes the right eyes to see it. So, I’d like to tell you that it’s not you, it’s them but you know what? It is you. Not everyone can be tuned to your frequency and that’s ok.

2. Heal – For you!

We’ve all had our trust and hearts broken. You can say “I can never trust again” but the only person that is punishing, is you. If you choose to, you can spend the rest of your life drowning in unforgiveness or, you can put in the works it takes to heal so that you can live a fulfilled, happy life. But the choice remains yours. I’d strongly recommend that you do, for you.

3. Nothing is obvious

What is “obvious” to you, is so, because of a combination of experiences and observation that you’ve accumulated over the years to form a particular opinion. No two people have that same combination. Learn to communicate clearly, honestly and with kindness, always.

4. Joy

Often, joy is hidden in the places you’re too afraid to look. You need to take risks. Try something you’ve never tried before. Take the leap.

5. Love people more than things

That’s it.

6. Actions > Words

Actions always trump words. Always.

7. Always give more than you take.

Whether it be in relationships (in all their forms), work, the planet, art, etc. Leave everything and everyone you touch better off for knowing you/having experienced you. Leave people feeling loved, leave the planet healthier, leave the economy stronger, make the world a better place.

11 October 2016 | Updated 19 June 2020

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