“I’m not my brother’s keeper.” I beg to differ.

We live in an age where we rely on social media to tell us how people are doing. Let’s be honest; we have all sat down with friends and spent the majority of the time on our phones posing for photographs, finding the perfect caption and posting. After that, we monitor how many “likes” the photograph has received, WHO liked it and how quickly they didn’t like it and more often than not, who DIDN’T like it.

A photograph of you and your “bestest besties” oozing with terms of affection and declarations of undying love and friendship. It’s interesting because by the time you all go your separate ways, you still don’t know what is happening in each other’s lives. We’re so focused on working on how “real” and “deep” our friendships look on social media that we don’t pay attention to how real and deep these friendships are in real life.

The truth is everyone is going through something. Sometimes it’s something small, sometimes it isn’t small, at all. Sometimes your “bestest bestie” is about to lose their job. Sometimes they are going through a series of medical struggles and you telling them “ooh, you’re looking skinny” or “you’re getting fat bra” is particularly hurtful because guess what? They know and it’s not by choice. Sometimes your “bestest bestie” is battling depression and it took all their strength to not drive their car into a tree on their way to your little photoshoot “for the gram” and by the time you leave, the only thing you’ve discussed is which filter to use.

“I’m not my brother’s keeper”. One of the oldest sentences in the history of human kind. One of the saddest sentences in the history of human kind. What if I were to tell you that yes, you are your brother’s keeper? If nothing else, that’s the least you should be.

The least we should do as human beings is look after each other. Never for a second look at someone smile and think “they’re life is perfect”. One thing I know to be true is that the brightest smiles hide the deepest pain. So, perhaps, the next time you are sitting across a table from someone your social media says you love so much, actually love them. Listen to them, ask how they are doing, provide advice and solutions when you can, just hold their hand when you can’t. Do something. Care.

“I’m not my brother’s keeper.” I beg to differ.


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  1. Anna S. Kedi says:

    True friendship is effectively about being there for each other. Otherwise, that is not friendship in my perception. Thanks for this great reminder.


    1. Ndapewoshali Writes says:

      I agree with you.

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  2. Esther Nuuyoma says:

    So true..we are so consumed by the standards of this world and strive to perfectly blend in that we don`t see the lives of our loved ones fading away right in front of our lenses. My close friend committed suicide and i have learned one thing, the strongest people are fighting the heaviest battles so just because someone says they are okay and looks okay does not really mean they are okay!

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    1. Ndapewoshali Writes says:

      ❤ Yes!


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