S01E09 Why do I talk about love so much? | Lessons I learnt from loved ones lost.

I haven’t uploaded a new video in a few weeks because life… but I woke up with morning with a strong urge to record and upload this one. I thought it would be a quick, short video and it would take me a maximum of 15 minutes to record and edit.

However, technology said “girl, bye” which meant I had to rerecord it a few times (which actually turned out to be for the best cause I was mumbling a lot in the first few takes).

With that said, in this video I’m talking about love (as I always do) but I’m giving a little insight as to why I speak about it so much, with such great urgency and with so much conviction. I also share a little bit about the loved ones I’ve lost, whose lives and actions made me more convicted in my stance and perspective.

Also, if you were waiting for a sign, this is it!

You can watch the video here. Please let me know what you think, share your experiences etc. Let’s connect, let’s chat. Please subscribe and turn on your notifications. Also, please follow my blog www.ndapewoshaliwrites.com and on Instagram and Twitter @ndapewoshali_a

Love always, Ndapewoshali

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