We do not. Time.

I write about love them with extreme urgency because it is indeed, an urgent matter. Life is fragile, Time is fragile. Forever is never as long as we imagine it to be. What a shame it would be, To deprive ourselves of the gift of love today, Because we think “we still have time”? But…

Fluent in Love

Perhaps treating people the way you want to be treated doesn’t mean doing the things for them, that you would want someone to do for you. Perhaps it means doing for them, what they need. The same way you’d want someone to do for you, what you need. Perhaps it means understanding and respecting what…

Be. Brave!

If you allow it to,
Fear will cripple you.

It Is Almost Too Late

LAST week, a story ran in the media that the increase in the number of applications for small arms licences was a cause for concern to the Ministry of Safety and Security so much so that the ministry was considering issuing a temporary suspension on the importation of side firearms.


Don’t stare into my eyes when you see me,
Don’t look for me in a crowd.
Don’t send your heart out to find mine,
Don’t try to make our spirits align.


I like your scars because they tell me the stories you’re too afraid to…