You Were One of Us

Every time I see a picture of the culprit smiling in the paper, I almost want to shout: “But you are one of us! How could you do this?”

7 Life Hacks

Often, joy is hidden in the places you’re too afraid to look

We Got It Right

For all the times when the world will ask too much of me, On long nights when I can’t fall asleep, I will place my head on your chest, Your heartbeat will be the sweetest lullaby to me. As I gently write the words “I love you”, Across the left side of your chest with…

I knew something wasn’t right…

The truth is, many forms of mental illness or distress are simply just not taken seriously enough. When someone says they are depressed, they are told to “get over it” because they’re just “moody” or “looking for attention”. When the depression starts to manifest itself in more visible or extreme ways, we say its witchcraft and we stay away from the individual lest we also “catch it”. It’s not until it’s too late; when someone commits suicide or murder that we take it seriously. That’s when people say “I knew something wasn’t right”.