S01E02 – Where to Get Help | Discussing Mental Health in Namibia |Taboo?

According to the Ministry of Health, in 2018, Namibia had the 4th highest suicide rate in Africa and the 11th highest in the world. I am an individual who lives in a society where the discussion about mental health is taboo (or at the very best, uncomfortable/awkward), suicide is rife, and emotional and physical violence are the order of the day. I think our community is struggling but I, wholeheartedly, want to change that.

In this episode, I discuss Mental Health in Namibia and where one can get help when they need it. You can find a list of the contact details for mental health professionals based on whether their free, subsidized or you’ll need to either pay cash or have medical aid, here https://ndapewoshaliwrites.com/2020/02/07/where-to-get-help/ I hope you find this video useful.

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**My apologies for the quality of this video. I decided not to re-shoot it because I wanted to maintain the authenticity.**

The video premieres on Sunday 19 July 2020 at 11h00 and you can watch it (or set a reminder to watch the premiere) here

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