Because, What Good Comes from Not Being Kind?

Be Kind to Yourself

I cannot stress enough, how important it is to be kind to yourself. Learn to be patient with yourself. Forgive yourself every day because you need your forgiveness. You need to give yourself the gift of forgiveness for every mistake, every failure, and every loss.

Be kind to yourself because only then, can you be kind to others.

Be Kind to Others

Kindness to people, especially when they don’t “deserve” it, means kindness to people when they NEED it the most.

Think about it. How many people, who are fulfilled and at peace, are rude and cruel? Is it not true that “hurt people, hurt people”? How then, do you soothe the hurt and pain of the one next to you? Is not by being kind in the moment when they least “deserve” it? 

Be Kind

Because, what good comes from not being kind? None.

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