Making gods of Humans

If 2019 has solidified anything for me, it’s that we should never make gods of human beings. The way the wealthy are given god status in all spheres of society is incredibly problematic. We’re told to aspire to be like them so that when they walk into the room, everyone trembles. But we never asked how they obtained that wealth and who and what they sacrificed for it. Most especially, who.

We talk about the 700 fishermen and women like they’re an anomaly. They are not. The people we treat like gods because they have the latest cars and fanciest houses sleep on a bed made from the bones of the people whose lives they’re greed has ruined. Of course, not all wealth is acquired through immoral behaviour but we often know when it is and we godify these individuals anyway. I’m not here for it. I never have and I never have been.

The Whole hierarchy of society and classism can, respectfully, gtfooh. It doesn’t matter how wealth is attained, it is in no way a measure of a human being’s validity in an environment. We’re all equal. None of us are more equal than others. Not even those of us who live in the hills.

Anyway, happy new year 🥳

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