S01E09 Why do I talk about love so much? | Lessons I learnt from loved ones lost.

With that said, in this video I’m talking about love (as I always do) but I’m giving a little insight as to why I speak about it so much, with such great urgency and with so much conviction. I also share a little bit about the loved ones I’ve lost, whose lives and actions made me more convicted in my stance and perspective.

S01E06: Hearing God’s Voice | Did He Speak? | Meet Mayase!!!

I’ve quickly come to realize that my favourite thing about these interviews is the fact that I get to introduce the people who impact my life, with you all. It’s starting to feel a little like I’m sharing the gifts (these amazing people) that God has given me, with the rest of the world.

S01E01: 7 Life Hacks | My First YouTube Video!!!

However, I have decided (while still in the eye of the storm and perhaps it’s more meaningful that way) to shine light in to the world and maybe also remind myself that there is always light and that it’s always darkest before dawn. “And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness overcame it not.” John 1:5